Orphans Care Center "Our children".

The center "Our children" protecting orphans and children deprived of parental care was opened in Kiev, at 31 May 2007. The center was created under the aegis of German-Polish-Ukrainian Society, supported by international and Ukrainian charitable organizations.

This project is an innovation in Ukraine. It is supported by the International Children's Foundation of Queen of Sweden, Embassy of Germany, Embassy of Poland, as well as the President and the Government of Ukraine.

Company "InterTransService" could not stand aside of orphans' problem, so it helps children in the way of supporting this charity project. The company played the role of sponsor in purchasing of equipment for the orphanage in October 2007.

Barbara Maria Monheim , who is a head of an international non-governmental organization "German-Polish-Ukrainian community" more than 10 years already, took the lead in establishment of such center here in Ukraine. The company "InterTransService" is ready to pay further attention to the welfare of those children who especially need warmth and care.

Regional Children's Sanatorium for Bone Consumptives.

Regional Children's Sanatorium for Bone Consumptives in Mariupol is a health resort for the year-round treating of children with various diseases, including those with bone tuberculosis. Our company always pays attention to the problem of sick children, providing them with the all necessary financial assistance.

Children's Playground.

The opening ceremony of new children's playground, granted by "InterTransService" to the children of native city, took place outdoors at the Lunina avenue, 13a, in April 2009. There are modern safe playing constructions on the playground purchased at the "Center for Children's and Sport Equipment" in Kiev.